Fact or Fiction: Happiness is Contagious?



Happiness is definitely contagious. Just like the common cold, you can pass on happiness from one person to the next and it should be a part of your life’s mission to leave people happier than they were when they first met you. Simply said, the old proverb “treat others as you would like to be treated” holds true. We all want to be happy. We all want people to treat us kindly so that we remain in a state of bliss. Being compassionate to one another should be simple and straightforward, yet often times it is not. It may be because what “happiness” looks like to one person may not look the same to the next. This should not discourage us from taking the time to find out what it is that makes our family, children, friends, co-workers, you name it, happy. Understanding what brings a smile to someone’s face or a burst of laughter to one’s lips, is crucial for connecting more closely to those we spend most of our time with and can only lead to a happier world for us all.

Just think for one second about what makes you happy….got it? Now, what if you knew that that very same thing – whether it be sharing a joke with a friend, meeting a coworker for coffee, or playing outside with your kids – would add a little joy to your mom, sister, friend, or kid’s day as well? Wouldn’t you want to share in that joy with them? Wouldn’t their smile or laughter bring happiness to your day as well? It’s hard to disagree with the fact that you WOULD walk away a little happier, that your step WOULD have a little more bounce in it. So why not take the time to spread some happiness? Why not take the time to send a friend a quick little text saying you miss them or hope that they are having a good day? Not only will it make YOU feel good, but it will also make the RECIPIENT of your message feel the same way. And what if that person then passes along the happiness? Now you’ve started a chain reaction and more people are walking around smiling, laughing, feeling good about themselves. Who knows, maybe that person was having such a terrible day that they were falling into a state of gloom and depression. Then your message pops up on their glowing screen and instead of it being another reminder of how bad their life is, or how terrible their day is going, it does the complete opposite and instead gives them the little ray of sunshine they so desperately needed. We live in a world where happiness is not always a given, where one’s current circumstances may keep them from feeling happy, so why not be the reason someone smiles instead of frowns, someone laughs instead of cries? Be happy and carefree so much that it emanates from you and it warms another person’s soul. And when that happiness is brought back to you from another person in your life, keep the cycle going. It’s like I said in the beginning, happiness is contagious so go out and make others glow with it too!


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