Fashionable Fall Weekend Attire

Finding cute, yet weather appropriate outfits for the fall can be quite challenging.  Often times we are stuck with pants and oversized sweaters, when all we want is to look cute while not freezing our tails off.  Now is the time to say goodbye to open toed sandals and shoulder barring tank tops (and catching … Continue reading Fashionable Fall Weekend Attire


How to Squash the Voice of our Enemy known as ‘Self-Doubt’ Writing has always been a passion of mine, but for years on end, I kept telling myself that I didn't have anything to write about, that I didn't have a story-line that anyone would find interesting, let alone pay to read.  So, like everything else that we doubt in our lives, I put my … Continue reading How to Squash the Voice of our Enemy known as ‘Self-Doubt’

A Story from the Heart

I haven't written in awhile.  Life has been hectic, kids have been busy, work has been nearly unmanageable, yet those are not the reasons why I haven't written.  I wish I could blame writer's block or boredom or laziness, but I can't.  Words are often a way to share one's most inner thoughts, feelings, beliefs...and … Continue reading A Story from the Heart