Fashionable Fall Weekend Attire


Finding cute, yet weather appropriate outfits for the fall can be quite challenging.  Often times we are stuck with pants and oversized sweaters, when all we want is to look cute while not freezing our tails off.  Now is the time to say goodbye to open toed sandals and shoulder barring tank tops (and catching a cold) and to say hello to figure flattering ensembles that keep you warm while still being fashionable.  Luckily for us, there are so many options now besides wool sweaters and cigarette pants – we just have to look for the right coverage, cut, and style.  Don’t be afraid of trying your hand at fun animal prints in dark colors.  Even though it may have a short hemline, you will find extra coverage with long sleeves and a high neckline.  Paired with closed toed shoes and fun accessories, you are now ready for that night on the town – without freezing your tail off.  And as the weather gets cooler, you can always pair this type of dress with patterned tights to add more warmth to your ensemble.


If animal prints aren’t your thing, then opt for a figure-flaterring dress with a longer hemline and sleeves.  With delicate details such as ribbing, piping, or even metal attachments, you can take an otherwise simple and boring dress and turn it into a showstopper without even showing off too much skin.  Sexy heels and oversized jewelry add another touch of sophistication and class without sacrificing your health.  Depending on what your evening entails, you can add a leather jacket for a touch of edginess to offset the softness of this look.  Play with your options and you can turn this outfit into anything your heart desires – fun and playful, classy and sweet, or hard and edgy – it’s all in the details and luckily, you are the master of your outfit’s destiny.


Finally, don’t be afraid to mix in some color or non-animal prints into your fall wardrobe.  Plaid has returned with a vengeance and luckily it has been upgraded to outfits outside of our old school uniforms.  With sleeves and a high neckline, you once again gain the coverage you desire while not losing style and grace.  Knee high suede boots add a twist of fun and youthfulness to this outfit.  Since the print can be loud, opt for accessories that blend in and do not detract from the dress.

There are so many choices for this upcoming fall season.  When looking for a form fitting dress, make sure that the size is right – that the hemline isn’t too short and it doesn’t ride up in the back.  If needed, go up a size (this is not a bad thing!).  You can add in jackets, vests, tights to help add more coverage/warmth to your outfit of choice.  The biggest thing is to break free from pants and sweaters and try on dresses or skirts.  Everywhere from Express to Macy’s to Marciano to JCPenney have a multitude of options for those of us daring to break free from the typical outfits of choice for the fall.  Have fun with your options, add in accessories, try different boots or shoes, and make your fall wardrobe one to die for!


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