What is “Casually Chic” and how do you incorporate it into your Wardrobe?


We can all agree that there are numerous days when you don’t want to get dressed, don’t want to get out of your yoga pants, don’t want to put together a fantastic ensemble.  Yet you have to – perhaps to meet friends for lunch, or join our coworkers at happy hour, or even run to our kid’s school for a function – and so, you begrudgingly get dressed yet hate every minute of it.  But what if putting together an outfit was easy, what if being casually chic saved the day?  Would you then be more likely to give it a chance?  Probably so.  Now that you’ve decided you want to try being casually chic, keep in mind that you can succeed in doing this by combining anything from your closet – all it takes is one or two accessories to move your clothing choice from underwhelming and drab to stylish and on point.  If you want to wear pants, then pair them with wedges and add some jewelry.  Maybe take it up a notch and try out a pair of ripped jeans to add to the wow factor.  Add a statement necklace to a solid colored, fitted shirt and you’re good to go.

But what about when the weather changes and the temperatures start to drop?  Don’t sweatpants and a sweatshirt sound amazing?  Or what about an oversized long sleeved tee-shirt and some flannel pajama bottoms? Sure they do, but they aren’t going to do you or your figure any good and so should be left behind for lounge time at home.  If leggings are your go-to bottoms of choice, then pair them with something that fits a little less snug on top and throw on some booties to bring up the outfit a notch or two.  Add some color to your tops if your leggings tend to be on the darker side.  If you don’t feel like doing your hair, then wear it messy or pull it up in a bun.  You aren’t trying to be red carpet ready when incorporating elements of casually chic into your lifestyle.  Well-cut flannel shirts with skinny jeans tucked into healed booties adds another dimension.  If you want to take it a step towards more casual, leave the booties at home and throw on some Uggs or other furry boots of choice.


Simplicity is the main focus of being casually chic.  Wether it is a plain colored top, or fitted pants, or a pair of cute shoes, not overdoing the look is most important.  Accessories always help take the outfit from boring to playful.  A little bit of a heel adds to the more put-together look.  Take your favorite pair of jeans for instance and try pairing them with different shoes and tops to create numerous options for your outing.  If you like a particular long-sleeved shirt but it’s too warm outside, then roll up the sleeves to make it more weather appropriate.  Instead of wearing boots or heels, try on a pair of flats to give your outfit a different vibe.  Whatever makes you feel most comfortable is acceptable, as long as it isn’t your house slippers and fuzzy pj bottoms!  Just remember that being well put together doesn’t mean you have to be over the top with your creation.  So the next time you are about to walk out the door in yoga pants and a sweatshirt, turn back around, head to your closet, and dress casually chic instead!


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