Galas, Fundraisers, and Proms galore…Finding the Right Dress for your Special Occasion

IMG_1363It seems to be that time of year, when fundraisers, charity auctions, and high school proms are in full effect.  No matter the occasion, finding the perfect dress that complements your figure is a daunting task for each and every female I know.  Whether it is a fitted dress, a strapless dress, a mini or full length dress, there are a few key elements to look for when shopping for just the right ensemble.  Patience (and a full belly) is key, as you may have to try on one after another, but I promise if you take the time to understand what works best for you and your curves, your height, and your overall build, then I guarantee you’ll find the right gown for your needs.

With this dress, it is all about color and sparkle.  Find a jewel tone that complements your skin tone and hair color and have fun with it.  With or without jewels, this one shouldered dress plays off of your figure and works well for individuals who are on the taller side as the train can be a bit of an issue (unless of course you can rock tall heels, then anyone can pull this off!). When shopping for a fitted dress, find one that doesn’t make it impossible to breath…going up a size is better then dying, remember that my friends.  Also, this dress has some boning as it is what creates the shape for the individual wearing it.  IF you are looking for something to give you a bit of shape, this type of dress gives you just that.  But be patient as you will have to try on different cuts to find the one that fits your shape and complements your curves – or helps create curves if you have more of a straight figure.  Seeing as though this type of dress has a lot going on, I would recommend keeping the jewelry simple so as to not steal away from the gown.  Hair and make-up can be done in numerous ways so feel free to play around with what you like.


For women looking to find a dress that may hide unfavorable parts of their body or simply skims their actual curves, then look for a dress that shifts, one that lacks “boning” so that it allows for your figure to have room to “breathe.”  Adding geometrical shapes that are not overwhelming also helps in hiding so called “trouble” spots.  And, if you are looking to add some girth to your hips, bottom, or overall size then this type of dress works well for you also.  It’s like a chameleon, taking on the shape of the woman within the dress.  Plus, it allows for you to actually eat and stay comfortable all night as there is no extreme tightness or shape other then the true curves of your own body.  Lastly, for those with nicely toned arms and shoulders the strapless cut allows for your physique to be on full display! As for hair, this type of dress allows for either an updo or a simply- styled relaxed look.  Play with your jewelry, as necklaces can be worn, yet not needed and earrings that are long and dangly pair nicely as well.  Some simple bangles work also if you’d like to add in additional accessories.

IMG_9639For my friends looking for a classy and elegant look, then try something in black with simple beading.  You become the showstopper as your dress showcases YOU the entire night.  Once again, the floor length appeal works for all heights, simply have the dress altered if it is too long, or if you love heels like me, then pull out your stilettos and hit the dance floor.  If black isn’t your color, then look for another deep hued dress and go with what works for you…blues, greens, you name it.  This silhouette is similar to the one above except for the fact that the lack of a print makes it more versatile and pairs well with all types of body shapes – those with curves as well as those without. As for accessories, little is better then a lot.  Dangling earrings or chandelier earrings would pair well with hair up or down.  Keeping the neck and wrists bare allow for the dress to hold center stage so feel free to skimp on the accessories.

Whatever the occasion may be, always remember to wear what makes you feel like a queen.  Finding a dress can be daunting and time consuming, but it can also be fun and exciting.  Look for dresses that you may not otherwise wear, try on a bold color or a funky pattern just to step out of your comfort zone.  There are so many shapes and sizes that should be celebrated and not hidden – but you have to be comfortable and confident in yourself for your internal beauty to show through your clothes.  Let your inner princess out, I guarantee you’ll have way more fun!


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