A Letter to My Boys

To my boys –

My how much you have grown: from infants clinging dependently to my chest, to toddlers firmly holding my pinky, to young boys now fleetingly wrapping your arms around my waist.  Though the time with you both has moved quicker then I care to mention, I wouldn’t change any of it even if I could.  The secrets, the giggles, the full blown dance parties are like fireflies in my eyes, dancing from dawn till dusk, preserving every possible memory that we have already made together.  And though I know you will soon want to hang out less, tell me less, I know that you will always need me (even if you won’t admit it), and I will always need you.  But the time will soon come where you will go out into the world on your own, and because of that, I have a few pearls of wisdom I want to impart on you while I still can:

  1. Always know where home is, and don’t be afraid to return – though you may not want to, you may need to
  2. Always love with an open heart and an open mind – even when you have been hurt
  3. Always treat people with respect  – you are no better than anyone else in this world
  4. Always show kindness – you never know what someone else may be going through
  5. Always act with humility – your actions will always speak louder than your words
  6. Always give of yourself when you can – helping others will never go out of style
  7. Always give credit where credit is due – give praise to those who deserve it the most
  8. Always ask for forgiveness when you have done wrong – your heart will thank you
  9. Always be truthful – lies have a way of resurfacing when you least expect them to
  10. Always treat others like you want to be treated – people are different, their uniqueness is what makes the world special
  11. Always have fun – it will forever keep you young

I will forever love you and you will forever have my heart.  Promise me that you will go out into the world with an open mind, a loving heart, and a lively soul.  Be kind to others, be open and inviting to different thoughts and opinions, and realize that not all walks of life are the same, and that is ok, just know that one walk of life is not better than another.  We are all here to leave our footprint in the sand, make sure that the legacy you leave behind will be for the better of those who are yet to come. I love you forever and always.



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