It’s 2019: Here’s to a Better Version of YOU


It’s that time of year again, the time where we all make new year’s resolutions that we swear we won’t break.  It’s that time of year where we all start thinking of ways to make our lives better, our bodies healthier, our friendships stronger.  Yet, it won’t take that much time before these resolutions are a thing of the past, something we no longer pay much attention to or focus on because life gets in the way once again.

What if we stopped making New Year’s resolutions and instead focused our time and energy on ways to continuously make ourselves better throughout the year, rather than all at once?  What if we found ways to take what we already have and focus on fine tuning it instead of trying to start over from scratch?  We often hear people wanting to try a new fad diet or start a new outlook on life without ever having a plan in place or a real reason as to why they want to do those things or make those significant changes in the first place. And then when they give up on those resolutions they wonder why they didn’t work.

We are more successful at making changes when they are done purposefully and over time.  To see a goal or dream come to fruition we must put a plan in place, we must outline the steps it will take to achieve that plan, and then we must put together a realistic timeline on when we would like to accomplish that goal (it doesn’t have to be an immediate success, time is not of the essence, accomplishing the goal is).  By focusing on ways to improve upon ourselves in incremental steps we are more likely to accomplish what we have set our sights on and we are less likely to fail, or to give up.  Bettering ourselves should be done over time as it is impossible to become a new person overnight.  With time we learn more about ourselves, about what we need to work on, about what we need to change, and about what we need to amplify.  With the start of every year we are given the greatest blessing of all – that of LIFE.  It is up to us to use our god-given talents to transform ourselves into the best versions of who we are meant to be. By taking the time to look internally we are better setting ourselves up for success rather than failure.  By understanding the why behind the change we desire, we are more likely to understand the need for the change and therefore, are more likely to succeed in our endeavor.

It is now the first day of 2019 and we are all contemplating what we need to change, what we need to improve, what we need to get rid of…my ask of you is: what are YOU working on to become a better version of YOURSELF?


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