Stop Being Your Own Worst Critic

It has been said time and time again that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I agree with this statement, yet constantly have to remind myself that beauty is defined differently by different people.  Anyone can say that you are pretty or ugly or skinny or fat…but when that person is yourself, then you are in trouble.  Self reflection, self acceptance, self worth all starts with the same thing – yourself.  Yet we are often the most critical of our own appearance, worth, strengths, qualities, you name it.  And our beliefs are often reflections of how we treat ourselves, how we doubt ourselves, how we tear ourselves down, over and over again.  I am a perfect example of exactly this phenomenon.


Take this photo for example.  I would have asked my photographer (Leksi Sterritt by the way, look her up on IG @leksisterritt) to have edited out my fat rolls, which the normal person may not have even seen.  But those were the first thing that I noticed.  I like to pride myself on being fit and healthy and an avid gym goer, but this photo forced me to question whether or not I really was that person.  Insert eye roll…I know, I know.  Scroll back to the top of this blog and re-read the headline! I am definitely my own worst critic.  I see flaws in nearly everything that I am, I see a lack of self confidence and a lack of self belief in myself and in all that I do. I see abnormalities that don’t even exist.  I see failure instead of success if my entire goal was not met for whatever it was that I had set out to accomplish.  I imagine many of you feel the same way as well.


If we step back from our own insecurities, our own self doubts, our own ideals of perfection than maybe we can truly see ourselves for what we are: perfectly imperfect, “flaws” and all.  We are amazing individuals in so many ways, ways that others see in us daily that we must begin to see in ourselves.  Once we learn to love ourselves we can learn to love who we are and what we bring to the table.  We are all beautiful, loving, and kind souls who have so much to offer.  Our uniqueness is what makes us special.  Our differences are what set us apart.  And until we can individually accept ourselves for who we are then we will never accept others for who they are.  Let’s start working on loving who we are now and working towards who we want to be in the future.  It all starts with one thing: YOU.  Are you ready to start accepting who you are, “flaws” and all?


4 thoughts on “Stop Being Your Own Worst Critic

  1. Thank you for this gift! Just reading this has shed light on all the doubts I have about myself. Makes me more willing to just be who I am! A great caring dedicated amazing man! Just know that you have made me a better person just being who you are and doing what you do. Thanks again. Your star shines the brightest in all skies


  2. I love being unique, take pride in it actually. However I am also terribly hard on myself too. So like your self, I try to embrace my flaws and realize my perfect imperfections. Thank you for your raw honesty.


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