Fact or Fiction: I am the same person I was one year ago?

IMG_0367 (2)

Fiction.  I am not even the same person I was five minutes ago.  I am constantly trying to improve upon myself by learning new things, trying new things, thinking new things.  I may be the same person at my core, but I have changed, matured, learned, and tried so many new things since last year, two years ago, and definitely five years ago that I am now an updated version of myself with so many new thoughts, ideals, beliefs, and knowledge.  We live in a world where we need to constantly adapt to new and exciting things and if we don’t, then we aren’t truly living.  As humans it is in our DNA to be adventurous, to be curious, to question, and to change.  We must allow ourselves the opportunity to be different, to be able to grow and develop, or we will never fully embrace the unknown and we will continue to live our lives as we always have and when there is no change, no growing, no adapting then we remain stagnant and in the end we fail ourselves. So, if you think you knew me a year ago, then let me reintroduce myself because the person you knew back then is slightly different then the person you now know today.  I have more patience for learning; my views on what good looks like have improved; my desire to be the best version of myself has evolved; and now I take the time for self-care and personal growth.  For example, I used to hate running, truly despised it, but now that I know how good it can be for me and my fitness goals, I try to somehow incorporate it into my gym routine.  Whether it’s a quick 20 minute jog, or ten minutes of sprints, I realize the overall benefits of the exercise and now enjoy the process.  Secondly, I used to never read books about self-improvement and now I try to read at least one new book on a different topic per month so that I can continue to become a better version of myself.  Today I can look back on my past and smile, knowing that in my core that person still exists, but that my inner knowledge, power and strength have flourished and grown due to my constant desire to evolve, mature, and develop in all ways possible.  What better way to greet a new day, week, month or year then by meeting it with a newer version of yourself?  Try it, I think you’ll like what you see and I hope you’ll let me know how it goes!


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