With or Without Makeup…what is your Preferred State of Face?

Night time soft

The art of applying make-up has been a part of society since pretty much the beginning of time with women relying on this practice to cover up blemishes, magically reconstruct the shape of their noses and cheeks, to hide dark circles, and to create an aura of glamour. Yet recently this time-old tradition has come under fire by many women who feel as though painting on one’s face has become too burdensome, too time consuming, and frankly, too needed to feel a certain way about themselves. And they may very well be right. Has putting on make-up become too much of a common day practice? Do women feel as though they are not as pretty without their expertly applied eyeliner, mascara, foundation and concealer? Have women become too reliant on their cosmetics that they won’t leave the house without having a perfectly made up face?

Though there is a time and place for wearing make-up, and there is nothing wrong with wearing or not wearing it, we must remember that beauty first comes from within. No amount of eye shadow or bronzer will make a woman feel more comfortable or confident in her own skin if she does not already feel that way naturally about herself. It is true that adding definition to your cheeks or making your eyelashes fuller can help with your added glow but the magic of the make-up does not work as well without a foundation of self-love and self-acceptance. When a female is empowered by her own internal beauty then that beauty will shine ever more brightly when it is paired with, or without, makeup.

Day soft

There is such a thing as too much make-up or wearing make-up when it is not needed. False eyelashes, heavy eye-liner, overzealous brows, and bronzed-out cheekbones are unnecessary for the workday and especially for the gym. For a glowing, natural look during the day, try perhaps a gentler approach: soft eyeshadow colors, filled in brows in their natural shape, light bronzer and powder. If acne or dark spots are an issue, then look for a concealer/foundation that isn’t too caky and allows for your skin to breathe. No one has perfect skin, so if a highlighter is needed for dark spots, or a powder is needed to help cover rosacea, utilize these tools to help reduce your troubled spots – just be cognizant of the fact that more isn’t always better. If you feel like your eyes are small and want to add a little more oomph, then use a soft-tipped pencil (either brown or black depending on the color of your lashes) to help define the shape of your eyes and then apply a small swipe or two of mascara to complete the look. There are tons of ways to play with the shape of your eye; it is up to you on what looks appealing and natural to your face.


For evening looks or more glamorous make-up applications, feel free to play around with your make-up. Smoky eyes don’t always have to be done in black; perhaps try a dark purple or even grey. Liquid eye-liner ups the ante and gives you a more refined look…just make sure to practice beforehand as this type of liner is slightly more difficult to master. If you love the long lash look and don’t really have naturally full lashes, try a fake pair on if you want. They come in many different styles and thicknesses so make sure you don’t go overboard. A sleek foundation, swipe of bronzer and dab of blush can help complete the look. And if you want to go full on glam, find a shade of lipstick that works for your skin tone and rub it on. Add a touch of gloss to make it shine and you are good to go.

Gym no makeup

When the gym comes to mind, remember, you’re there to work out, not get hit on! Your face needs to breathe as you sweat and the worst thing for that is having make-up caked on. Now, if you go to the gym after work, this is a different story as you most likely already have your face done up. Invest in some face wipes and simply smooth off the makeup that is anywhere but your eyes. This way you’re allowing the largest parts of your face covered by skin to breathe while you get your sweat on.

So, no matter if you choose to wear make-up or not, remember that these tools are here to help you build upon your natural beauty. A woman who shines without make up is a powerful force to reckon with; therefore, remember that make-up only serves as an added bonus to what already exists within you, it does not define your beauty. Shake things up for yourself – one day wear make-up and the next don’t. Ask your guy friends their thoughts and they’ll tell you they think you’re beautiful without it. Don’t let society dictate how you view yourself and your need to paint your face to look and feel beautiful. Feel your own beauty. Feel your own strength. Feel your own state of face.


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