Transformations are Possible but you must Trust the Process

An individual undergoes numerous transformations during their lifetime.  Whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, the very process of going through life – of surviving the ups and downs, of overcoming the obstacles and hurdles, of growing and developing through the wins and losses – changes and molds an individual, both in positive and negative ways.  How you deal with those changes is greatly dependent on how you trust the process associated with your transformation.  Do you have an open mind regarding your ability to harness your inner strength and allow for the changes to occur?  Do you WANT to improve upon yourself and put forth the necessary time and effort needed for the changes to stick?  When an obstacle stands in your way and impedes your progress, do you give up and waive the proverbial white flag, or do you stand firm in the face of difficulty and continue on your journey?  The amount of time and energy you pour into your transformation must be so strong that you are willing to sacrifice everyday things you take for granted, like meeting friends out for drinks if you’re on a physical transformation journey, or staying away from toxic individuals if you’re striving for emotional wellness.  Now let’s be realistic, there will be times where you will have a hiccup and that’s ok.  Don’t let it detour you from your end goal.  If you fall, make sure you dust yourself off and get back up again.  Life will knock you down numerous times, but it’s in how you pick yourself up and try again that will make all the difference in the world.

Photo Aug 30, 6 49 59 PM

If you are embarking on a fitness journey, it will be tough, it will be tiring, and you will want to give up.  These are all normal, and expected, occurrences.  The transformation process is a lengthy one – you must be patient with yourself, you must be kind to yourself, and you must be willing to push yourself to achieve your goals.  You must also be realistic with the timing of your journey.  If you are looking to increase your overall health and well-being, this will not occur overnight.  It may take years to get to where you want to go.  And you must be willing to CONTINUE to work on yourself.  You must CONTINUE to treat your body right by eating well (cheating is acceptable!) and by exercising consistently.  Having an accountability partner can help with this.  It can be a trainer, a friend, a significant other – you name it.  But it must be someone who will hold you to your goals, who will push you when you want to give up, who will pick you up when you fall, and who will celebrate with you when you reach your final destination.  With your journey, it is also vital to have some sort of action plan – something you can employ whether you’re at home or on the road for work/vacation.  Try also to make it something you enjoy, but also be ok with adapting it to fit your circumstances.  If running is your go to cardio of choice, be open to trying cycling, or yoga, or the stair master to change up your routine and keep it from becoming boring.  Weightlifting is also an ideal tool to add to your arsenal. Even if you don’t have weights, you can do things where you use your own body weight like pushups, walking lunges or jumping jacks, to help you reach your strength-training needs for the day.

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Whatever it may be that drives you to this physical transformation – losing weight, improving your health, being a role model to your children – keep it in mind when you want to give up, when your body hurts, when your mind is exhausted.  Your transformation will bring a smile to your lips.  You will not only physically feel good, but you will also be stronger emotionally and mentally because you will have succeeded in personally transforming your body by your own inner strength and dedication to your journey.  Others will comment on it and compliment you on the change.  Keep the good work up.  Revel in your success.  And remember, the journey is not over, to sustain the changes you must continue with the hard work.  It will all pay off in the end.  And you will be stronger – both physically and mentally – because you didn’t give up.

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