Keep it Classy my Friends

There are so many options for us to choose from when it comes to what we wear.  As females, we have an endless supply of dresses, skirts, shorts, you name it that we can purchase and fill our closets with.  BUT, that doesn’t mean that we should throw all caution to the wind and wear whatever we want.  We still need to put some effort and thought into the outfits we put together because let’s be honest, not all outfits are created equal.  This doesn’t mean you can’t wear what you want, just make sure that what you are putting on works for your body and doesn’t take away from who you are as an individual.


If a structured skirt is something you are interested in wearing, then make sure it fits appropriately to your shape and size.  There is no harm in going up a size in order for the fit to better complement the curves that you have.  If wearing a light colored bottom, try pairing it with a bright, bold top to add allure and intrigue to the ensemble.  Adding in playful jewelry helps to tie the outfit together and gives you a completed look that is both sexy, yet classy.

IMG_2499Luckily for us, the well known LBD comes in so many different options that you could wear a different dress for each day of the week!  If your dress hugs your curves, then make sure it has a longer hemline to offset the snug fit of the material.  There has to be some give and take when it comes to dressing sexy. Showing skin and your curves are acceptable if you don’t go overboard in both areas.  If you opt for a shorter hemline, then look for more coverage on top so as to balance out the “sexiness” of the outfit.  Fun, funky shoes and statement earrings take a boring black dress and turn it into a fun girl’s night out number.

IMG_2474Finally, when wearing a mini skirt, balance out your proportions in a classy way by wearing a top that isn’t too skimpy or showy.  With a fun tribal print, all you need is a single colored top to make this outfit fun and classy.  Let your skirt take center stage by pairing it with simple jewelry and a pair of fun stilettos.  Mini skirts can be worn in a way that is sexy yet respectable – just make sure to find a size and hemline that are complimentary to your shape and don’t have you pulling at them all night long.  With all things fashion related, make sure to find outfits that call out to your own personal style, and most of all, have fun with it!


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