Six Pack Abs…or Something Like That


Most females that I know (and males for that matter) have expressed on occasion their envy of those individuals they see with washboard abs.  In one way or another, the thought of a taut, ruffle free belly creeps into the minds of millions as images of picture-perfect physiques flood social media feeds, television shows, and glossy magazines.  The desire to flatten and smooth out ones stomach is not an easy task and unfortunately, for most of us, it is something extremely difficult to acquire.  Couple in the fact that most of us have had children and you further compound the situation.  But fear not!  There are ways to accomplish a smoother midsection, but I must warn you, it takes TIME and DISCIPLINE.  And lastly, I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but I must reiterate that abs are MADE in the KITCHEN.  So, if you’re not committed to changing the way you eat, then your dreams of a flat stomach will most likely NOT happen.  But, if you promise yourself to clean up your diet AND continue to go to the gym and put in your time, then I guarantee you will see CHANGES in the way you look.  Though the scale may not budge for awhile, your clothes will start to fit differently and THAT is what is most important.


Clean eating is the #1 reason why most people fail in their pursuit of a flat stomach.  Falling off the wagon is acceptable, but you must be willing to get back on time and time again.  High protein diets, veggie filled meals, and low carb days are helpful when building your physique.  Fish, chicken, clean red meats are needed to fuel the body as it burns calories in the gym.  Veggies help to add fiber in your diet and aid in regulating your system – helping to flush out the toxins from your daily existence.  Carbs – clean carbs – help to add size to your frame.  Think sweet potatoes, brown rice, veggies (unfortunately, NOT baked potatoes, bread, and so on…SORRY!).


Also, please realize that not all stomachs are created equal.  Everyone’s shape is different and that will affect the way that your stomach takes its shape and forms its abs.  And in all honesty, the lower two abs are the MOST DIFFICULT to create.  If you are a mom, you know what I mean.  The stretched skin and lower bulge are battle wounds of carrying a child for nine months.  Take it easy on yourself and realize that you are not alone.  Time, patience and eating healthy will only help you in realizing your goals.  Cardio, ab workouts, and full meals (don’t skimp on your food, it will only make you SKINNY and not FIT) are all necessary in sculpting those pretty little ridges of separation. Lastly, drinking plenty of water, and not sugar-filled sodas, will also be crucial to building your desired midsection.  High intensity cardio (think timed sprints with a short break in-between sets), ab-specific exercises (whether full sit-ups, V-ups, or crunches), and lifting weights (overall body specific exercises) will be the cornerstone of building your six pack.  And I promise you will get frustrated and will doubt the process, but remember, everything worth working for takes time…and by time, I don’t mean one 30 minute workout.  Consistency in your workouts and cleanliness in your diet must be sustained for at least a month.  When you start to see changes you will start to realize that you CAN DO THIS!  So, like everything, enjoy the process, pick yourself up if you falter, and smile in knowing that you have a healthy body and mind that are capable of anything!



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