Do Something out of Your Comfort Zone

We hear it all the time, “try something new…try something unexpected.” Yet more often than not, we don’t go down the unknown path, we don’t venture past the comforts of our daily existence. But why is that? What are we so afraid of that keeps us from being adventurous in this life of ours?

Perhaps the fear of failure keeps us from trying new things. Or the fear of embarrassment hinders us from learning a new trick or taking on a new hobby. What other people think or say often deters us from thinking creatively for ourselves. We tend to go with what seems “normal” or “commonplace” for ourselves so as to not draw unwanted attention toward our existence.

When we were young we were full of wonder, full of investigative tendencies but as we aged we lost sight of adventure and excitement. We became predictable and rigid. We allowed what other people thought, what other people described as acceptable, to guide our course. And with time, we lost our ability to try new things without fear of judgement by others.

By throwing caution to the wind and trying something completely out of our comfort zone we allow ourselves to be free of societal shackles and instead be full of life and excitement and pure joy. Maybe it’s as small as trying a new workout, or eating at a new restaurant, or going dancing with friends- or it’s something much bigger like moving to a new city or dating someone who isn’t your same ethnicity or religion. By allowing ourselves the opportunity to “walk on the wild side” we will embark on potentially life altering and life electrifying experiences- ones that will teach us far more than any book or class or podcast will ever do.

So, what one thing will you do tomorrow or next week that is completely outside of your comfort zone?


3 thoughts on “Do Something out of Your Comfort Zone

  1. For me, the going outside my comfort level is in saying no. I do not like dissapointing people, so I end up saying yes to many things. On the same thread, I tend to find the positive in everything which ends up not being 100% with how I am feeling about things. I do this because I do not like focusing on the negative, and would rather lift someone up. So, again, going outside my comfort level is being 100% honest and not worrying about the feelings of the other person. This though, this is extremely hard for me.

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful topic.


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